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RadioDriveBy New Music Video

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    RadioDriveBy released a new music video for their single "One You Want."

    Watch it here:

    PULP recently caught up with RadioDriveBy to discuss about their MMXIII, their city mates This Century and their current plans. And yes, when they blow up, remember you caught them here first in the pages of PULP Magazine…

    PULP: Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, how much of an influence is This Century to the band's sound?

    Adam: We love the guys in This Century, and have been fortunate enough to play a lot of great shows with them in Arizona and California. They definitely are inspirations to us. The Arizona music scene as a whole has really influenced us. We're trying to create something new and step out of the norm with our songs, like a ton of AZ bands have.


    PULP: We noticed that the title of your sampler is MMXIII. Is this your way of saying that 2013 is your year?

    Adam: Basically, yeah. The MMXIII idea started as a teaser we released in January, meaning 2013 was the start of a new year for us, and we decided to develop it into the name of this sampler, and the theme of our band starting something new and growing. We do believe that 2013 holds great things for us. We have written the best music of our career, have grown our fan base worldwide, and are really ready to take over the world – including the Philippines (laughs)!


    PULP: Your music is so bright and upbeat, especially “Tied Up.” Where do you think does this come from?

    Adam: We like making music that people can enjoy listening to, and that is fun. In songwriting we try to make things catchy, memorable, and original, and we aim for our songs to be something we love playing onstage and that people love listening to.


    PULP: You seem to have a lot of fans not only in the Philippines, but in other countries as well, how did you guys cultivate this following online?

    Adam: It's pretty amazing how people have picked up on RadioDriveBy, especially in the Philippines. We never could have guessed something like this would have happened, and we are so grateful for all the support from everyone. We just try to interact with as many people as we can online, and make sure our fans know we care. Social media sites and the internet are huge for our band, and we are going to continue to offer content and things that help us grow that.


    PULP: You are also known for a good number of YouTube covers, which ones would you consider as the big favorites by you and your fans?

    Adam: My personal favorite is our version of Fun's "We Are Young." However, I hear from a lot of our fans that they really enjoyed our mash-up of Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" and Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know." We'll be doing some new covers soon as well, watch out for those!


    PULP: How did you guys form?

    Trent: RadioDriveBy formed in late 2009 when Austin, Evan, and myself all joined together to play a benefit concert at our church. After the show, we discovered that we clicked really well, especially in a musical aspect. So, we decided to keep pursuing music and eventually found the talented Adam and David along the way!


    PULP: We've already mentioned "Tied Up" earlier, care to tell the story behind "Hold on to Me" and "The One You Want" as well?

    Trent: The whole premise of "Hold on to Me" is basically this idea of wanting to leave normal life behind and doing something extraordinary instead. The main inspiration for this song was my dislike for routine and the daily grind. It just doesn't work for me. It's about that longing to just get out and really do something great with your life, and to everyone else you are leaving behind, you tell them "Don't hold on to me, just set me free" and if they love you, they'll understand. 

        "One You Want" is basically just a story that mirrors a lot of my frustrations with girls at times. Some girls like to play hard to get, and to be honest, I really don't feel like playing games! Maybe that makes me uninteresting, but I like things to be honest and real, and this song kind of portrays that frustration in a silly way. It's, like, "I know you want me! Just come get it!" 


    PULP: Which songs are on repeat on your respective iPods?

    Trent: Currently, I can't get enough of The Temper Trap's "Love Lost" and Bat For Lashes' "Daniel" right now! I'll also always have a soft spot for anything by John Mayer.

    Adam: I'm really digging Bruno Mars new record, Unorthodox Jukebox, as well as Augustana, I’m getting back into them!


    PULP: Lastly, seeing that you have fans here already, is a visit here possible in the near future?

    Adam: We have seen our fans in the Philippines do some really amazing things, and we can't thank them enough for every single ounce of support that we get. We definitely foresee a visit soon, and we really hope to meet each and every one of our dedicated fans. We love you all from the bottom of our hearts, and our fans are the reason we play music, so of course, we would absolutely love to come and visit! Together we can make it happen, and we'd love to come to the Philippines this year! PULP


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