• STEP 1: Browse items

    Go to and choose from the items.

    You can also browse for more items from the menu:

  • STEP 2: Add items to Cart

    Click the item and press the Add to Cart button to add the item to your cart. If you want to add more than one of the item edit the number on the left side of the Add to Cart button.

    After adding an item/items to your shopping cart, a notification box will popup. From there you may click Continue Shopping or Show Cart or simply anywhere the page to close the notification box. If you choose to continue shopping you'll just repeat from Step 1. If you decided to check the status of your cart, proceed to the next step.

  • STEP 3: Check your Shopping Cart

    On your shopping cart page you will see the status of your order: the items you added to the cart, quantity, and the total amount of your order. From there you may delete an item you decided not to buy, or edit the quantity of the product.

    If you wish to continue browsing for more items, go back to Step 1. If you need to edit the quantity of the items on your cart, proceed to Step 3.1. If you want to delete some items, go to Step 3.2. If you are already satisfied with your order, proceed to Step 4.

  • STEP 3.1: Editing the quantity of an item

    Select the textbox as illustrated below, and edit the number. After editing the number click the Update icon as shown below to update your shopping cart.

  • STEP 3.2: Deleting an item

    To delete a product from your cart, click the Delete icon as you can see in the image below.

  • STEP 4: Checkout Your Order

    Click the Checkout button located at the lower right bottom of the page. You will be asked to login to your PULP Live World account. If you are not yet registered you need to register.

  • STEP 4.1: Register

    You will be required to input a valid email address, your first and last name, and your billing address. After filling all of the required fields click the Register and Checkout button. Go to your email inbox and click the validation link to complete your registration.

  • STEP 4.2: Verify Billing/Shipping Address

    You will be redirected back to Your Cart page with your updated info. If you are sending your order to a different address click the Add/Edit shipment address and input the address where you are going to send your order. Be informed that if you are using the same address as your billing as your shipping address, you do not need to Add/edit shipment address.

    After verifying and checking that all information is correct, click the Checkout button again.

  • STEP 4.3: Select a shipment option

    You have two options to get your items. Choose For pickup at PULP HQ if prefer to get it directly on our office. This option will not charge you any shipping fee. Choose For Shipping if you want it delivered to the address you specified on your account. Be informed that we have a fixed shipping fee of 150php for nationwide delivery. After choosing, click the Save button.

  • STEP 4.4: Select a payment method

    You have two options pay your order. Choose Cash/Bank Deposit if you prefer to pay it thru Metrobank. Choose Paypal if you are paying using Paypal. Be informed that we have a fixed Paypal fee of 75php. After choosing, click the Save button.

  • STEP 5: Confirm Your Order

    You will be notified that the checkout process is done. If you ordered clothing, don't forget to specify the size/s per clothing item. See example image below.

    Read and accept the Terms of Service by clicking the check box. Click the Confirm Order button to finalize your order.


  • 01
    How do I pay?

    Option 1: Cash/Bank Deposit - You need to deposit the total amount of your order to our Metrobank Account:

    Any branch of BDO
    Pulp Live Record and Publishing
    Account # 366-009-8048
    Account type: Savings

    Scan or take a clear photo of your deposit slip and send it to with the order number on the subject line of the email.

    Option 2: Paypal - You must have an account on Paypal, if not you may register. Visit to know how the payment system works using Paypal.

  • 02
    How do I get my orders?

    Option 1: Pickup here at PULP Headquarters - see address and map below:

    #284 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Quezon City
    Right Across St. Luke’s Hospital, between Golden Optical and Mr. Ube

    View Larger Map

    Option 2: Ship to you - We could ship your orders anywhere in the Philippines. A fixed shipping fee of 150php will be charged.

  • 03
    I need to know my order number so I could send my deposit slip. Where do I locate my order number?

    Every time you place an order thru our online shop, an email notification will be sent to the email associated with your account. The order number is visible on the subject and the contents of the email.

  • 04
    Do you accept reservations?

    Reservations will be reviewed and approved depending on the stock for a certain item. Approved reservations will be valid for 3-5 working days.

  • 05
    Are there other ways to buy merch from you aside from your online shop?

    Yes, you may call us at 722-9622 or visit our office. See address on Question # 2. You can also buy merch during our shows.

  • 06
    I have other questions, where should I ask?

    Email us at or call us at 722-9622 about anything related to our shop and products.